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Personal Bios - Seth Goldstein, DC

Margaret Hammitt McDonald, PhD, MSOM, ND, LAc

Janae Smith, LMT, DC

Seth Goldstein, DC is a chiropractic physician, chess instructor, and community-theater performer. He received                                       his Doctor of Chiropractic from the University of Bridgeport Chiropractic College in 2001. His                                         practice focuses on soft-tissue injuries and rehabilitation, exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle                                               counseling. He enjoys teaming up with Dr. Hammitt-McDonald for well-child visits because, as                                       he puts it, “While she asks their parents questions, I get to play with the kids, measuring their                                       height and weight and keeping them entertained.”

Margaret Hammitt-McDonald, PhD, ND, MSOM,L.Ac, MLIS is a naturopathic physician and

licensed acupuncturist with special interests in neurology and botanical medicine. She is an

avid hiker, dragon-boater, community-theater performer, and writer. She also teaches

writing courses at Clatsop Community College. Margaret received her Doctor of Naturopathic

Medicine and Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine from the National University of

Natural Medicine in 2007. She is known for quoting medieval poetry and Monty Python. 


Janae Smith, LMT, DC is a licensed massage therapist of Oregon and a chiropractic physician. Massage has been                                    her unique form of communication for a lifetime; she has developed subtleties in this field in a                                      way that helps even the apprehensive new patient, feel comfortable. Janae was born and raised                                    in various parts of Missouri. After moving to San Jose California, she began attending Palmer                                        College of Chiropractic-West in 2006. She specializes in woman's health, nutrition, biomechanics,                                  and neurology. Janae is truly a "jack of all trades," who is skilled with a wide spectrum of                                                  patients. From construction workers to pregnant mothers, atypical neurological types, and four-legged friends. Janae loves absorbing nature rain and shine, and feels right at home in Cannon Beach. She also enjoys leading her Adult Coloring Group online. Welcome to the office Janae! We are so lucky to have you!!

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