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COVID-19 Clinic Update and Guidelines

 May 13, 2020

Due to necessary protocol, we are currently scheduling by phone only. Online scheduling has been temporarily disabled. 


   As with all medical facilities, at Dragonheart, your health is our first priority. Unless otherwise

directed by public health or government officials, we will remain open during our usual hours to

treat our patients, while taking the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Here’s what we’re doing to protect your health, along with how you can help us to do that.


   1) We are happy to schedule telemedicine visits and to change your scheduled in-person visit to a telemedicine visit. Please call us at (503) 436-2255 to make a telemedicine appointment to address a specific concern, keep up with a condition, discuss diet, physical activity, and lifestyle, and to learn home exercises and acupressure points you can use to help yourself at home.


   2) IF:
     You have upper-respiratory infection symptoms (as you’d get with a cold or flu) or otherwise feel ill
     You (or someone with whom you are in close contact) are 60 and over, have a chronic illness, and/or if you have                             immune compromise
     You can manage your symptoms at home (with guidance from us remotely if needed)
        and the risks of exposure outweigh your need for in-person medical care

Please reschedule your in-person appointment for a later date.


   3) If you need an in-person appointment, we are scheduling patients a half-hour apart to foster social distancing and reduce exposure risks. When you arrive, please go directly to an open treatment room. In the unlikely event that you see someone in the reception area when you arrive, please wait outside and we will bring you in when a treatment room becomes available for the previous person and we have cleaned the reception area.


   4) In addition to our usual cleaning and hand-washing procedures, we will clean and disinfect all high-traffic surfaces between patients. We request for you to wash your hands on entering the office, using the office bathroom. We do not have a cleaning staff, so if you are concerned about higher-level cleaning/disinfecting practices, we encourage you to wait to come in until the danger of infection is past.


   Thank you for your patience during this challenging time for medical professionals and the community.


   Please feel free to call with any questions. We wish you good health!
Drs. Seth Goldstein and Margaret Hammitt-McDonald

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