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Samantha Cheever, AP
Acupuncture Physician, Florida

"While completing our internship, I had the honor of working beside Aria as an observer & assistant. She repeatedly proved a highly effective acupuncturist with an enlightened sense of connecting with her patients - especially on a mental, spiritual level. This enabled patients to find relief from their pain faster and increase the quality of their lives with more purpose and happiness."


November 28, 2012, Sam studied with Aria at Academy for Five Element Acupuncture, LinkedIn

Brian Surks
Support Specialist Engineer at McKenna, Long & Aldridge, California

"Aria does amazing work! Her intuition and ability to treat are superb. The results of her treatments were so inspiring that I also made her my teacher in hopes of learning some of her skills. I miss having her in my neighborhood. I could only pick three top attributes so I will add Personable here. I immediately felt comfortable with her."


December 2, 2011, Brian was Aria's client, LinkedIn

Patient on

"She is always more than happy to answer my questions, and actually welcome questions. She is an absolute expert in the field and has actually studied many things which she uses in her work. I never felt unsafe or apprehensive in her care. Before she even started my session, she asked me detailed questions about my preferences. She made an extra effort to make sure I got the exact treatment I was hoping for."


July 09, 2011  on

New Patient, Anchorage, AK

"I had been looking for an Acupunturist in Anchorage and this ...came along at the right time! Aria is a very skilled and knowledgable professional. I was very impressed after my first visit and have already friends and family!"


May 01, 2013 on


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Michael Castine, AICP
Planner at Alachua County BOCC, Florida

"Aria is an excellent acupuncturist. She has both a superior knowledge of acupuncture principles and methodology and the critical listening skills necessary to provide the best treatment. Aria is caring and dedicated, and is strongly recommended as an exemplary acupuncture practitioner."


July 28, 2011, Michael was Aria's client, LinkedIn

Vada Dunford
Attune Piano Services, AK/WA


"I didn't believe in acupuncture until I started seeking treatment with Aria. I saw her for both emotional and physical health. I was surprised in the amount of improvement within myself after just one visit. It is obvious to me that Aria is well-educated, experienced and offers a wide range of services catered to each individual that seeks treatment from her. I highly recommend her services!" 


January 14, 2014, website comment

T.H., Anchorage, AK

"I do not like the cold clinical atmosphere of a modern doctor's office. Yet an auto accident left me with a shoulder injury that required treatment. I decided to contact Aria and try acpuncture. I was impressed by the professionalism and knowlege of this practitioner. She took the time for a one-on-one consultation and then explained her thoughts and procedures. The treatments and prescribed herbs have resulted in the resolution of my shoulder problem. As an unexpected bonus, the herbs Aria prescribed have cleared up a chronic condition that conventional doctors told me could not be cured. If you are tired of impersonal and expensive modern medical clinics, I urge you to contact Aria concerning your health."


January 27, 2014, submitted via email  ""


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